AdSense is a powerful advertising platform that monetizes your site through CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPA (cost per action), and CPC (cost per click) advertising slots.

In addition, it is an important source of income for many website owners and bloggers.

Getting paid for doing something you enjoy is very soothing, and nothing is more soothing than seeing your AdSense check every month.

When it comes to AdSense, it’s important to have a backup plan. You’ll have some extra income from your side hustle when your AdSense account is banned, shut off, or frozen until you’re back in the black.

You can use AdSense alternatives to help diversify and even maximize your blogging income, thanks to the vast number of options available today.

Additionally, you might prefer less strict guidelines and more customizability options than what you currently receive from Google ads. Because of that, I compiled a list of Google AdSense alternatives.

Here’s an explanation of Google Adsense, for those who don’t know! It seems silly, but some people don’t know about it.

For new bloggers my friend here it is,

What is Google AdSense?

Adsense is one of the most popular products by Google launched in 2003. Google Adsense is a free advertising program run by Google where you can add text, images, videos, or interactive media ads.

Google is in charge of displaying ads on your website. You get 68% paid for every click you get on the ad and the remaining 32% is taken as the fee the advertiser is paying to display ads on your website.

Let’s get started,

Why you should use Google AdSense alternatives?

You might have come across that Google AdSense didn’t approve your website. This may be common to almost everyone reading this but there are other alternatives to you can display ads on your site. 

Here are the reasons why you should go with the alternatives.

Terms and conditions

Google AdSense has lots of terms and conditions to follow if you violate any of these rules your AdSense account may come into danger. You need to follow certain conditions to be a partner of Google AdSense.

If you mistakenly click on the ads that you have displayed on your website you will directly violate the rules and may suffer from an account ban.

Many networks are a partner of Google AdSense that require fewer requirements.

Revenue Share

By displaying Google AdSense, Google AdSense takes 32% of the overall revenue you make as the fees from the advertiser to display ads. You get only 68% of the overall revenue you generate. 

Many alternatives pay you much more than Google AdSense pays you. For that, you’ll need a top-notch website with high traffic, but it’s worth it.

Ad Customization

Many ad networks allow customizing the ads as you want this helps the ads to fit with your website theme and helps them to fit more naturally with your original content because if the ads are looking different from your content then it might have the possibility that the user doesn’t come back. 

Minimum Payout

Every person has this question that how much a particular ad network pay will pay me. You will be going to know about every network’s payout will pay you.

The minimum payout is the minimum amount before you can receive your payment. The minimum payout of Google AdSense is $100 which is comparatively high than any other ad network. Many alternatives have a minimum payout of less than $100.

Additional sources of revenue

Having an additional source of income is necessary because if you don’t have an additional source then what will you do if your Google AdSense account is banned.

Having an additional income source ad network is not bad until you broke any terms and conditions of Google AdSense. 

I love this concept that doesn’t depend on only one source of income because if you don’t then you are only one step away from poverty I’ve learned this from Warren Buffet.

Knowing where to place ads and what are types of ads are the ones who make more money. So this point will help you if you are new to blogging.

Banner ads: These are the typical types of ads that are in the form of images. It may contain only an image or image with text above or below. The sizes range from button size to half page and come in all orientations.

In-text ads: These ads pop up when you hover your mouse over a text or phrase. In-text contains images, text, video, and link ads. These types of ads are attached with the phrases.

Display ads: you all are familiar with the display ads, you might be thinking HOW?. You might have seen some ads when you scroll an article; those are display ads. 

Display ads contain images, headlines, body text, and other elements used to draw the attention of the users. The size ranges from the eighth page to full-page ads.

Targeted text ads: They are used to match the site’s content or the phrase used on the search engine to bring it to your site. You may find these types of ads in groups. 

Which types of sites are best fitted to display ads?

Blogs: Blogs are especially known for giving unique content consistently. If you are a blogger and have a good fan base then this can be a way through which you can monetize your website.

Forums: if you don’t like to write a blog post then forums are a great way to interact around a particular topic. Forums also get Google AdSense.

Free online tool: If you run a site that offers free service or tools then Google AdSense can be a great way to pay your expenses.

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  1. Top 21 Best Google AdSense alternatives 

Top 21 Best Google AdSense alternatives 

Top 21 best Google Adsense Alternatives
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  • Save is best in contextual ads networks. You get access to Yahoo! And Bing. is one of the leading competitors of Google AdSense. handles a high-quality ad supply of over 500,000 websites worldwide, and its products and platform are licensed by some of the largest publishers.

They were the first ones to bring server-to-server header bidding this helps the publishers to increase their revenue. gives you an option to customize the sizes of ads, design because they believe that every site is unique so their requirements must be different and if you don’t have enough time o customize it then you can depend on,’s specialists will customize your ads and will give it to you.

The big advantage of using is that you get high revenue per thousand impressions. Compared to Google AdSense it’s a nice platform to use it. 

By business, is the second contextual advertising business worldwide.

How will pay you? pays you every 1000 impressions it means that if you have 1000 page views a day you will simply generate 3000 impressions(impression may also be different). 

If you have $5 RPM it means you earn $15(the amount can be different depending on your RPM).

What are the payment method and minimum payout of

The payment methods through which you can withdraw is Paypal, Wire Transfer & Payoneer 

The minimum payout is $100 which is equal to Google AdSense.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads
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Amazon Is one of the best eCommerce websites all over the world. You would have seen some eCommerce websites, those are amazon associate websites that are affiliates of Amazon.

If you don’t have much money to buy a separate domain and host then amazon has figured out a solution for it. Similar to amazon associates amazon has launched amazon native shopping ads that don’t need a separate website, you only need to display ads on your website.

Amazon native shopping ads allow you to customize the size and design of your ads as you want. Amazon native shopping ads provide audio ads, video ads, and image ads.

Amazon native shopping ads is a contextual ad network similar to Google AdSense. Amazon Native Shopping ads display relevant products to the user as per your content and keywords.

How Amazon Native Shopping Ads will pay you?

Amazon native shopping ads will pay you on every purchase the user that comes in your website. The disadvantage of this is you don’t get paid for impressions, clicks, and views. 

Payment method and minimum payout Amazon Native Shopping Ads?

The Payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc. 

The minimum payout of amazon native shopping ads is only $10 which is much lower than Google AdSense.


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PropellerAds are the large ad networks all over the world. PropellerAds offer a range of ad type that include banner ads, sponsor ads, push notification ads. 

You can pick any ads types that fit best for your blog provided by PropellerAds. Be it for desktop sites, mobile sites, or video content.

PropellerAds are best for new bloggers as well as old bloggers, there are no minimum traffic requirements your account will be approved instantly.

How PropellerAds will pay you?

Propeller Ads will Pay you for CPM instead of CPC which means that you get paid for every 1000 impressions i.e when your traffic just views the advertisement.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of PropellerAds?

PropellerAds payment method through which you can withdraw is skrill, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, wire transfer, Paypal, UnionPay, WebMoney. 

The minimum payout of PropellerAds is $25 which is comparatively much better than Google AdSense.


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Adversal is an easy-to-use ad-serving ad network. Adversal lets you add your native ads within a few minutes. 

Adversal has a smart and intuitive interface that gives you a good user experience and makes it easy to start, stop and pause your ad campaigns.

Adversal has a default management system that helps to prevent fraud and allows you to add video, display, and native ads.

Adversal is a great platform for old bloggers because as a new blogger it will be hard to get approval. Adversal will approve you only when you have 50,000 pages views per month, own domain name, not be associated with malware, privacy, or anything illegal, do not contain adult content or material, etc.

How Adversal will pay you?

Adversal pays you based on impression, not per visitor. Adversal uses a code for their pop-under ads to not be blocked by most pop-up blockers and get paid for each of these impressions.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of Adversal?

The Payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal, Wire Transfer, and ACH(Automated Clearing House).

The minimum payout Adversal gives you is $20 Which is a little less than PropellerAds. Remember you’ll get paid after 35 days. 


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PopAds is the fast-growing vendor that helps you to create, manage, and profit from ads. PopAds are the specialists of pop ads. They are in the business since 2010.

PopAds are the highest and fastest paying in the market specialized in popunders. Popads gives you the flexibility to set the popunder frequency that best suits your website’s interest.

You don’t have to worry about the requirements as you sign in they will approve you. The only thing here is you have to be 18 years old.

How PopAds will pay you?

PopAds will pay you for every 1000 US unique visitors and their code was never below $4. 

What are the payment method and minimum payout of PopAds?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal, AlertPay, and Wire transfer

The minimum payout of PopAds is $5 this is much better than Google AdSense because for $100 you would have to wait for a longer time.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media
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Vibrant Media is a popular ad network. You will see their ads on many popular sites. Vibrant Media, leaders of contextual marketing makes it easy for brands to reach people with relevant ads at the very moment.

Vibrant Media have their IntelliTXT technology that searches your pages with relevant keywords and phrases.

Vibrant Media provides you with a variety of ad types such as pop-up ads, display, and in-image. Pop-up ads are interactive types of ads that draw a high number of clicks.

The requirements to be approved by Vibrant Media is not easy you must have a high-quality website in other words you must have an old website that reaches 500,000 page views monthly.

They have premium advertisers that pay high CPC to publishers.

How Vibrant Media will pay you?

Vibrant Media Will pay you according to the page views you get monthly although you must have 500,000 to get approved.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of Vibrant Media?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is ACH and wire transfer. I didn’t like the payment methods they offer at least they should have offered Paypal. 

The minimum payout they give is slightly different from others, you must know about it. For Germany, France, UK the minimum payout is $20 via ACH, and from wire transfer, it is $75. For the US the minimum payout is $75 vis ACH and from wire transfer, it is $150.


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Ezoic is a Google award-winning ad network. Ezoic is a Google-certified partner for publishers. Ezoic is a great alternative to Google AdSense. If you are using Google AdSense,, or any other ad network and want to make more money then ezoic is the best choice.

Ezoic offers several ads types, the ad types are display ads, native ads, link units, anchor ads, sticky sidebar ads, vignette ads. 

Ezoic claims that almost most of their users have gotten at least a 50% increase in their ad revenue. Ezoic is loved for its earnings, their earnings are like getting a treasure in your hand.

How Ezoice will pay you?

Ezoic pays you for each page view and it has two types:

  1. Type 1: Type 1 gives you $3 per page view for 3 pages which means if the visitor views 3 pages you’ll get $3 in other words $1 x 3 page viewed by the visitor.
  2. Type 2: Type 2 gives you $3.75 per page view for 5 pages which means if the visitor views 5 pages you’ll get $3.75 in other words $0.75 x 5 pages viewed by the visitor.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of Ezoic?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal, Dwolla Email, Dwolla ID, US bank transfer via Payoneer, International bank transfer via Payoneer.

The minimum payout of Ezoic is $20 which is pretty good.


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A former blog network called The Blogger Network, Monumetric was established in 2012.

A Monumetric advertisement management platform helps publishers (i.e. bloggers) monetize their website efficiently and effectively by displaying display ads on their websites.

Monumetric’s website outlines two goals, namely to help publishers achieve revenue targets and at the same time provide the best user experience.

How Monumetric will pay you?

Rather than using CPC, they use CPM, so the impressions are paid for and their pay rates are among the highest. This is a great way to increase passive income since the revenue is often higher than AdSense.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of Monumetric?

Monumetric will give you through Direct Deposit or Paypal.

The minimum payout of Monumetric is only $10 which is much much less than the ad networks mentioned in this article.


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Over 200,000 publishers are working with Infolinks in 130 countries, making them one of the leading platforms for in-text advertising. In order to display ads on your website, the platform indexes your website automatically. 

You can also use expandable ads within your content, along with display ads for your sidebar. Since it’s focused on hyperlinking text rather than just showing ads, it’s one of the best Google Adsense alternatives.

In summary, Infolinks can be used to monetize the unused space on your website or blog in multiple ways. 

You can use an admin tool on the platform to gain insights and analytics on your traffic and ads. As well as handling your website’s monetization efforts, you can manage how ads impact your site.

How Infolinks will pay you?

Infolinks pays you based on the CPM, and CPC.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of Infolinks?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, Western Union, eCheck.

The minimum payout of Infolinks is $50 which is half of Google Adsense’s payout.


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If you’re looking for a better Google AdSense alternative, YlliX is a great option. This advertising network allows you to display ads on desktops and mobile devices. A few examples include pop-under ads, sliders, mobile redirects, layer ads, and full-page ads. 

Accounts are approved instantly, detailed reports are provided, and 100% of orders are filled. As well as giving you full control over all your campaigns, this self-serve platform offers you precise campaign targeting tools that will maximize your ROI. 

In addition to free platform use, publishers are offered a generous referral program, where they can earn up to $100 plus 2% of the lifetime earnings of every new publisher they refer.

How ylliX will pay you?

ylliX pays you on the basis of CPM, CPC, and CPA ads.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of ylliX?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Wire, Bitcoin.

The minimum payout of ylliX is $1 which is extremely less than Monumetric and other ad networks mentioned.


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Utilizing the latest technology and direct partnerships with world-class digital publishers, RevContent connects advertisers with targeted and highly engaged audiences.

Publishers can also generate meaningful revenue streams through the platform form by partnering with other parties.

The benefits of revenue without restrictions guaranteed revenue growth, and first-party demand is available to webmasters. 

Content recommendation technology is also faster, lighter, and more effective on this platform, and it takes up less space. 

As a RevContent member, you will also have access to powerful content quality controls as well as granular brand safety.

How RevContent pays you?

RevContent pays you based on CPC and CPM models.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of RevContent?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is ACH transfer, Wire transfer, and PayPal.

The minimum payout of RevContent is $50 which is similar to Infolinks.


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Publishers and advertisers alike rely on Adblade as a powerful monetization solution. 

Technology on the platform enables revenue and gross growth through effective sales controls and robust reporting. 

Your audience will have a high-quality user experience with Adblade’s network that can be integrated seamlessly with any design.

Native ads can help advertisers reach their targeted audiences by offering them original content-style native ads. Webmasters can earn market-leading CPMs.

How Adblade will pay you?

Adblade pays you on the basis of the CPC model.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of Adblade?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer

The minimum payout of Adblade is $100 which is the same as Google Adsense.


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Platforms such as this are relatively new to the industry. But thanks to the company’s innovative technology, its popularity is increasing. 

Geo-targeted and contextual advertising is offered by the network. Additionally, there are a variety of display-based ads, such as widgets, buttons, pop-unders, and more. 

Moreover, you will gain access to tools and support to help your website monetize. You can also learn a lot about traffic and ad analytics on the site so you can minimize your effort to maximize your profits.

How RevenueHits will Pay you?

RevenueHits pays you on the basis of the CPA model.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of RevenueHits?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal and Payoneer.

The minimum payout of RevenueHits is $20 through Paypal and Payoneer and $500 through Wire Transfer.


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Advertisers, media buyers, ad networks, and publishers can all use AdCash, a self-serve advertising platform.

The AdCash network partners with advertisers and publishers worldwide, instead of only working with publishers with US-based audiences. If you have a US-based audience, this can significantly increase your income. 

There are several types of ads offered by the platform. The company has also developed anti-AdBlock technology to increase revenue from your ads. 

AdCash can be easily integrated and live ads can be displayed in just a few minutes. A smartly designed control panel on the platform will make it easy for you to manage your ads and view your statistics and reports.

How AdCash will pay you?

AdCash will pay you based on CPM, or CPC models.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of AdCash?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, Wire Transfer.

The minimum payout of AdCash is $25.


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 Purchasing advertising space on your site through BuySellAds allows advertisers to pay premium prices for space. 

Your ad space prices are completely under your control, but it is important not to overcharge. 

In addition to native advertising, the platform makes use of display advertising, sponsored content, and emails. With such a varied range, one is more likely to get a responsible placement rather than one that is distracting and intrusive. 

Advertising on this platform is highly targeted and highly qualified, so advertisers get the most out of each impression. 

In order to qualify for approval, your website must meet high-quality standards, be English-language, and receive at least 100,000 monthly page views.

How BuySellAds will pay you?

They will pay you for how much traffic your site is gaining.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of BuySellAds?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is PayPal, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit.

The minimum payout of BuySellAds is $50.


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A well-paying alternative to AdSense, BidVertiser is a great option to consider. Using the platform, you can generate multiple streams of revenue based on clicks and conversions. 

You also have the opportunity to earn through referral programs and bonuses. 

As a result, high page views are necessary to succeed on the platform (and earn you higher prices). 

Visitors may receive irrelevant ads when using this bidding feature, which may negatively impact your overall user experience.

How BidVertiser will pay you?

BidVertiser pays you based on the CPC model.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of BidVertiser?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal, and Check

The minimum payout of BidVertiser is $10 through Paypal and $100 through check.


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AdThrive and Mediavine are quite similar. To join this network, you must have at least 50,000 monthly visitors to your website. 

Blogs with long-form content work particularly well on this platform. This platform primarily targets lifestyle advertisers. 

The network also has an exceptional support team that can answer any questions you may have and provide solutions to any issues you may encounter. 

Content creators built the platform for content creators, so publishers can focus on what’s most important: composing incredible content.

How Mediavine will pay you?

The RPM Mediavine gives you can be more or less depending on the month.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of Mediavine?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal, Domestic ACH, International ACH, Wire Transfer

The minimum payout of Mediavine is $25.


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Many bloggers use AdThrive as their primary advertising network. Publishers and advertisers work closely together to optimize ads and offer the best results. 

There’s no question why this is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives right now because it pays publishers 75%. 

While this network has one of the highest payout percentages in the industry, its difficult requirements make it unsuitable for newcomers. 

If you want to join the network, for instance, you must have at least 100,000 monthly visitors, most of whom are from the US.

How AdThrive will pay you?

You get paid through RPM(Revenue Per Mile) model. A simple calculation can help you understand the amount of money your ads are earning. RPM is traditionally defined as the “ad earnings per 1,000 pageviews” in the advertising industry.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of AdThrive?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal, Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer.

The minimum payout of AdThrive is $25.


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As an impressively huge number of large brands rely on Adsterra for advertising, the company is fast-growing. There is a wide range of innovative ad formats on the platform, enough to compete with Google AdSense. 

Advertisers and publishers looking for an effective AdSense alternative can benefit from this well-known brand in the online ad space. 

Even beginners can monetize their traffic thanks to the user-friendly platform, and publishers get the highest CPM rates in the industry as well. 

All ads are also run through Adsterra’s proprietary fraud detection system in order to prevent malware from getting onto your website.

How Adsterra will pay you?

Adsterra will pay you based on the CPM model.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of Adsterra?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Paxum, ePayments.

The minimum payout of Adsterra is $5 through Paxum, ePayments, Webmoney, $100 through Paypal, Bitcoin, Tether, or $1,000 through Wire Transfer.


  • Save, a network of popunders, was founded in 2012. After its inception, this ad network saw early success by receiving more than 500 million unique visitors each month. Due to these factors, Popcash was a top 500 site according to Alexa in 2015. 

On Popcash, over 10,000 campaigns and 120,000 publishers are active at the present time. Over 4,000,000,000 visitors visit the ad network each month. 

Popunders can easily be served to users via this ad network, allowing publishers to earn high ad revenue. In addition, publishers can monetize both their web and mobile sites with this ad network.

In addition, Popcash claims that its ads are clean and safe and that its fill rate is high. The ad network keeps an eye on ads using third-party as well as internal tools.

Its the easy-to-use interface is one of the best features of this ad network. Using the dashboard, publishers can quickly find the information they need. 

How Popcash will pay you?

Popcash pays you based on the CPM model.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of Popcash?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is Paypal, and Check.

The minimum payout of Popcash is $10 through Paypal and $50 through Check.


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A-ADS which was formerly known as Anonymous Ads id the oldest Bitcoin advertising network on the network.

It was created in 2011 according to the company, they came up with the idea of showing bitcoin-based ads and were among the first to trade for cryptocurrency.

It’s because of this that you can earn cryptocurrency or promote your business using them.

They also operate as a bitcoin CPA network, which works best for advertisers who can integrate with our API. Many of their advertisers spend fixed budgets on getting traffic from publishers.

The A-ADS company believes the Internet should be free, safe, and unobtrusive. They do not serve cookies, pop-ups, or JavaScript, and only serve unobtrusive ads.

How A-ADS will pay you?

A-ADS will pay you on the CPM, CPC, and CPD model which is great on a crypto ads site.

What are the payment method and minimum payout of A-ADS?

The payment method through which you can withdraw is only through Bitcoin.

The minimum payout of A-ADS is 0.001 Bitcoin.

You can even deposit in A-ADS. There are many ways through which you can deposit, The following are as follows:

Bitcoin, Qtum, Tether, NEO, Ripple, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic, Tron, Verge, BitTorrent, GameCredits, DigiByte, Komodo, Zcoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Vertcoin, Stratis, PIVX, Horizen, Ravencoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, BitcoinDiamond.

Final Words

All the ad networks mentioned above are displayed to you after detailed research. I’ve written a detailed article for you so that you don’t have to run from one website to another.

I hope you’ve loved this article. These were the ad networks that will help you to make a second stream of income. 

By sharing this article in your circle you indirectly indicate that you are a learner and you don’t want to keep this knowledge in one mind. Sharing is caring😀.

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